Anjana Agarbatti

The ingredients used for preparing this organic agarbatti is of exceptional quality.  The pack is 100 % free from chemicals, Charcoal and Sulphur.


PanchagavyaCowdung, Cow urine, Curd, Milk and Ghee


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Anjana Agarbatti Pure and sattvik Agarbatti made from deshi gir cow`s Ghee,Dung, And natural Herbs Fragrance Gugal Plus cowdung ghee agarbati good for enviormant always been believed that burning guggul incencens in the home removes negativity and also removes the ill effectes of vastu dosha deffects ..I love it because of the wonderful earthy fragrance it exudes,it calms me and feel so peaceful and serene when burning incense i dont like to keep in one room i always took in diffrent room it can remove all nagative energy.

we are not using charcole and cemical oil in this incencens

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Black, Blue


5inch, 6inch


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