Homemade Cow Ghee

CERTIFIED QUALITY : Cow Ghee is made from organic milk that is non GMO, antibiotic free and hormone free. High quality of the ingredients and the traditional preparation method of slow boiling ensures retention of flavor, aroma and nutrients.




GHEE : A day always starts and ends with Ghee for all Indians.  Especially kids are in much need of this wonderful product. We are proud to be ghee lovers!  Isn’t it?  It’s because we love to feed our brain with the right nectar, which contains healthy fat much, needed for our body and that is nothing other than –


  • G – Golden
  • H – Haunted
  • E – Enjoyable
  • E – Eatable

Cow Ghee is always given with the first food to the child after mother’s fed milk in Indian Culture, as it is known to line the stomach and also totally neutralizes the acid before the food moves through the small intestine.  The kids are healthier in fact and they can digest any kind of food as they grow due to this reason.  It is the granny’s secret revealed now to you.  But when you feed cow ghee to your child or consume it for yourself, select the best cow ghee which is made using bilona process as it churned from cultured curd and we are here to help you with that task at Sitara.

Buy pure cow ghee online from us by adding to cart the 100% original  cow ghee handmade using bilona process!  At Sitara, cow Ghee is prepared using traditional methods by employed rural women in our cottage firm of our village without using any machineries or adulterants. The originality of cow ghee from SITARA will mesmerize anyone from kids to the aged. SITARA Cow Ghee is made with 100% grass-fed cows on small family farms.

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